January 1977, Chairman Mr. Lu, Qinghe established Chang Sheng Seiki Enterprise Co., LTD, which is engaged in CNC lathe and plastic injection manufacturer and OEM factory.

October 2002, the subsidiary MY CHANCE ELECTRONIC CO., LTD was established, producing all kinds of indoor and outdoor high-frequency antenna (2.4G, 5G Hz), RF Cable, PC Cable.

August 2013, Managing Director Mr. Lu, Yingwei formally integrated MY CHANCE into Chang Sheng Seiki to serve and support our clients.

In the scale of CNC lathe and plastic injection, we have nearly 40 years of experience to manufacture in a wide selection of shafts and bushings, and high-frequency RF connector parts. We have cooperated with many well-known domestic manufacturers and overseas companies in Japan and America for many years.

In the scale of high-frequency antenna (2.4G, 5G Hz), RF Cable, PC Cable, we have the most modern detection test equipment, including Network Analyzer Network Analyzer, Stripping machine, and complete production assembly line and test units .

From CNC lathe, plastic injection OEM, computer stripping, making I-PEX connector to testing, assembly, and testing and assembly of antenna, which is a consistent production to achieve a strict quality control with fully controlled costs, highly competitive prices and well-cooperative. Our goal is to achieve customer demand.

Main products:
Any precision metal parts within Ø23 (mm) , plastic injection foundry strip, all kinds of switches, shaft sleeves used in variable resistors (VR).
Indoor and outdoor high-frequency antenna (2.4G, 5G Hz), RF Cable, PC Cable.


Antenna Assembly and Test
Network Analyzer
Anechoic Chamber